Thursday, 31 October 2013

How To Use A Hair Straightener

Prepare Your Hair:
  • Styling products, grease and dirt that build up in your hair every day must be thoroughly cleaned away before you use a flat iron or your hair will stick, clump and easily damage.
  • For manageable hair that responds well to styling and remains healthy afterwards, you'll need to shampoo and condition first.
  • Use quality hydrating shampoos and conditioners that will prime your hair for the rigors of styling. This can be right before using a flat iron or the previous night.
  • While hair is wet, use a thermal spray or heat treatment. Using it on wet hair is allows it to distribute evenly and soften hair as it dries. This treatment will protect your hair, and increase the life of the style you're after
  • Then blow your hair dry - even flat irons that are "safe" for damp hair will not produce the best results without completely dry hair. (Don't be concerned at this point with straightening your hair; just dry it.)
  • We highly recommend a ceramic heated ionic hair dryer for gentler heat that dries your hair faster and reduces frizz, static and hair shaft damage.
  • Our Premier dryer is the HANA air...It also happens to be our customers favorite dryer and the winner of numerous awards.
  • We have a great selection including T3 Tourmaline dryers and Elchim hair dryers which can be seen on our top ten hair dryers.

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